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Fitness should be done early, as it is closely related to your life!

A new study suggests that "if you don't work hard when you're young, you'll feel sad when you're old." Having a strong physique in your 20s can significantly reduce the risk of death in middle age. It can be seen that exercise should be done early. Researchers have found that people who can persist on treadmills for longer periods of time when they are young have a lower chance of dying from diseases such as cancer and heart disease 25 years later.

Mar 28,2024

Three Misunderstandings of foam Roller

After high-intensity exercise or training, some people like to take cold showers or apply ice packs to relieve sore and tired muscles. If you haven't tried the foam roller yet, I strongly recommend you to try it. Sports massage is a very important way to recover fatigue for all kinds of sports. Especially for professional athletes, timely massage and relaxation is absolutely indispensable for maintenance. However, many people are too casual when using foam rollers. So, what are the mistakes we often make, and more importantly, how to avoid these misconceptions? The following content will unravel the mystery for you.

Mar 28,2024

Are you familiar with these knee protection devices?

There are many types of instruments to protect the knees, and the following are common: knee pads Knee brace is a bandage wrapped around the knee that provides additional support and protection, reducing the risk of knee injury. Suitable for people who need to stand, walk, or run for a long time. Knee pads

Mar 28,2024

The knowledge points of rehabilitation equipment that you don't know

Rehabilitation equipment refers to various devices, tools, and equipment used for rehabilitation treatment. The use of rehabilitation equipment can help rehabilitation patients enhance muscle strength, restore exercise ability, reduce pain, improve balance, and improve their quality of life. The following points will discuss the functions of rehabilitation equipment and the commonly used rehabilitation series.

Mar 28,2024

Please keep these methods to avoid sports injuries when using dynamic bicycles

Dynamic bicycles are a very popular aerobic fitness equipment, but many people can easily cause sports injuries if they are not careful when using them. The following are a few key points that the editor has compiled to effectively avoid sports injuries.

Mar 28,2024

Which group of people are suitable for gym equipment

Which group of people are suitable for gym equipment 1、 Bodybuilding gym equipment is usually suitable for women to use, as women often enter the gym to have a beautiful figure. Common types of gym equipment include small items such as three or four pound dumbbells, abdominal compressors, fitness turntables, and exercise mats, as well as small magnetic therapy machines and massagers that can relax muscles and promote blood circulation, all of which can help with fitness and weight loss.

Mar 28,2024

Stubborn fat, this way you can lose weight more easily!

Stubborn fat, as the name suggests, is the most difficult fat to lose on the body. Everyone's situation is different, and the location of stubborn fat is also different. The main stubborn fat in girls comes from the waist, abdomen, and arms, which are firmly attached to the body, not only unsightly but also affect physical health. Do you know how to reduce stubborn fat? All changes are inseparable from it, mainly diet+exercise!

Mar 28,2024

The key to high-intensity interval training is how to rest!

When it comes to popular sports recently, it must be none other than high-intensity interval training (HIIT). High intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves a certain amount of high-intensity exercise accompanied by relaxed rest time, can quickly and effectively burn fat and defeat excess fat.

Mar 28,2024

Kettlebell - a sports tool that you don't quite understand

Kettlebell was initially measured in pounds, with 1 pound being approximately 35 pounds (16 kilograms). There are not many kettlebells of different weights available on the market for users to choose from. With the increasing popularity of kettlebell fitness,

Mar 28,2024

Do you really understand dynamic bicycles?

With the increasing love for fitness among people, home fitness has emerged and become one of the most popular fitness options. According to research, treadmills and dynamic bicycles have consistently ranked among the top sellers of home fitness equipment. On this basis, compared to treadmills, dynamic bicycles have a higher usage rate. But do you know anything about dynamic bicycles? Today, I will take you to a deeper understanding of dynamic bicycles

Mar 28,2024

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